Sunday, March 19, 2006

Anuradha Krishnamurthi

Anuradha Krishnamurthi, the daughter of Kollengode Viswanathan Narayanaswami (KVN) who sang on the second day of the music festival at Kerala Fine Arts Society Hall proceeded on the track suited to Sabha concerts with well selected ragas and compositions. The opening piece Panchamathangamukha (Roopakam) by Deekshithar in Malahari, was followed by Naada thanumanisham in Chitharanjini which has the frequencies of the notes of the Saamagana scale. Poorvikalyani was portrayed lucidly with Deva deva jagadeeswara by Swathi that has niraval ans swara. There was majesty in the depiction of Keeravani which was further supplemented by Kaligi yunte by Tygaraja. Neyveli Radahkrishna, a disciple of M.Chandrasekhran provided a pleasing acoompaniment on the violin. R.Yogaraja , a specialist in various South Indian percussions and a member of Dr.L. Subrahmaniam’s orchestral team played the mridangam with ease.
By Courtesy The Hindu March 1- 2001


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