Monday, March 27, 2006

Violin duet

Innumerable concerts by GNB, along with Lalgudi Jayaraman and Palakkad Raghu, including the unforgettable one at TDM hall of Kochi in the late Fifties, have left an indelible impression on rasikas. So also the Lalgudi solo, teamed up with Raghu at Sree Poornathrayeesa Sangeetha Sabha in Tripunithura, diring the late Seventies. When G.J.R Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi, children of Lalgudi, perfromed with Raghu at Bhakthameera temple at Vyttila in Kochi in connection with the 34th installation day ceremony of the Sanctum Sanctorum there , it evoked nostalgia.
The way in which Raghu navigated the violin duet with his timely ‘pharans, ‘tekhas’ and ‘theermanam, embellished with the ‘ghumkhi’ of the left-bass, was bewitching. The duo had no hesitation in following Raghu right from the Asaveri varnam (jalajaksha in Aadi) which was created by Lalgudi. Raghu not given to theatrical gesture encouraged the youngsters with a benevolent smile whenever they made chaste improvisations.
Krishnan showed a refined dexterity while Vijayalakshmi stuck to the unorhodox style. Marupaadayaa in Mohanam in Aadi by Chinna Devudu was played with graceful glides, according it a heaviness that is not usually experienced in instrumental concerts even by leading maestros. This is owing to the simultaneous vocal training they received from their father. Dhanyasi unspooled smoothly with Meenalochani in chappu by Syama Sasthri.
The style in which Vijayalakshmi played Kedara Gaula had more propinquity to that of her father’s and earned a lavish applause along with Venuganalola in roopakam by Tyagaraja. Rudrapriya followed by Amba Paradevathe in Ghandachappu by Tirunelveli Krishna Swamy Iyer paved the way for a well spread out Kambhoji followed by Sreeraghuvaraaprameya by Tyagaraja in Aadi.
Again it was Krishnan who unrolled Shanmukhapriya and the initial portion of the pallavi was sung by Vijayalakshmi. Nalinakanthi, Sahana, Varali, Ataana and Behaug were woven into it and it mesmerised the listeners. Tripunithura Radhakrishnan played the ghatom with his usual gusto.

By Courtesy – The Hindu-Kchi-Feb.25-04


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